Seriously, Killeen, Texas? Did we not learn anything from the last snowstorm? This is not how we do things when it comes to survival. The grocery stores in Central Texas right now literally look like they are brand new stores that haven’t been stocked yet, because all of Central Texas is cleaning the grocery store.

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Courtesy of Felicia Love
Courtesy of Felicia Love


I went into the H-E-B just to grab a loaf of bread and there was literally no bread left. Due to the pandemic, food supplies have been somewhat scarce. It's actually something of a new normal unfortunately these days, but the panic that is in the city right now just has me completely frustrated.
Courtesy of Christopher Lieato


People, this literally happened last year. Families were having to leave shops empty handed all because we decided to panic.
Supposedly, the snow should just be for a couple days, so hopefully it’ll be over before you know it.
I’m not exactly sure what anybody is going to do with mountains and mountains of food for the next couple days, but just keep in mind that if we stay calm, and work together, our stores won’t look so barren and our community would be a lot calmer.
I had never seen the lines in our grocery store so long. It truly saddens me to know there were people waiting in line for hours just to checkout. Make sure to stay warm Central Texas! Not just in body, but in sense and spirit.


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