Jershika Maple never ceases to amaze me, if you did not get to see her show last night, it was by far one of her best performances, in my opinion. Now, my all-time favorite performance by this beautiful young lady will always be, when she sings New Edition Can’t stop the rain. Yesterday when I say that Maples sang from the bottom of her feet all the way to the top of her head, she absolutely blew the house down. Jershika perform Adele‘s hit song rolling in the deep, which is on everyone’s playlist let’s be honest, it is definitely something that you listen to during a good break up or working out, and she also performs a  classic by the queen of R&B herself Mary J Blige I’m going down!

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Oh my goodness the show was absolutely amazing and of course, the wardrobe was always on point, Jershika is a star in the making I cannot be happier how far she is getting on this platform, yesterday, she wore a black sequence jumpsuit with lace and big hair and honey when I say she looked like a sexy singing ninja, her outfits are absolute fire!


We will not allow anyone to not notice how good she looks each week, but when she performed Mary J Blige I’m going down, she performed and a beautiful mermaid silhouette gown she look like classic vintage Hollywood, she was giving me very much melanin starlet of the 1920s and 30s. Do not forget Central Texas to go vote for her we’re taking home the win and what makes me truly happy about the situation is women like Rose Short who of course is a hometown hero, who was the first native of Killeen to go on the show is in full support. All of the R&B singers of Killeen are behind this woman and that is exactly what Killeen should do as well! Central Texas vote, for our girl! 

I can’t wait to finally rub it in people’s faces that she is the winner! Do not forget to vote, Central Texas. You can support her with your votes here.

Courtesy of Youtube, The Voice
Courtesy of Youtube, The Voice

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