If I had to describe Melissa Ray of Killeen, Texas in one word, it would be confident. Spend some time with this young lady and you'll quickly learn that the word doubt isn't in her vocabulary. She was born to win and she will consistently do so.

Melissa is the new health care manager at Ambrosia Wellness Veteran Center, which is a new non-profit charitable organization. She is an impressive decade's worth of experience advocating for people with mental health, with 5 years of direct experience as a QMHP (qualified mental health professional) treating  Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, and Anxiety at Waco MHMR. Her dedication comes from personal experience too, having a family history of mental health issues and wanting to help others.

What really caught my eye beside her passion when it came to mental health treatment is her self-love advocacy.

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Courtesy of Melissa Ray

Melissa has served the community as one of the strongest advocates for mental health awareness and treatment. Her tutoring business has also helped people get accredited for various degrees and career placement with for 3 years. She was even honored as one of the top promoters in Central Texas and is getting paid promotion from 7 businesses at this time.

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Courtesy of Melissa Ray
I feel that not only in the city but in the world that we live in now, it’s very important that we have certain activists and leaders who help us develop the proper tools to keep our sanity intact. During this pandemic, mental health and self-care have become something that is more important than ever.
Melissa Ray is a person who cannot only help you recognize your symptoms of mental illness, but she and her team can teach you how to heal properly. This young lady conducts countless brunches and events for the community to help people understand that you are not alone and you are going through things that plenty of people go through.
We need more Melissa Rays in the world to help us understand that self-care is a priority, not an option.
Learn more about the Ambrosia Wellness Veteran Center here.

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