It’s definitely that time of year in Killeen, Texas when the European chafer comes back into the city and ruins moments like just being out on the porch enjoying the fresh breeze. You’re probably thinking to yourself, "What exactly is a European chafer?".

You might be more familiar with the name we grew up with her in Texas - june bugs. June bugs always come back out in Texas around the springtime. We don’t really see them that much during the winter, maybe a little bit for fall, but you can best believe we have a plague of June bugs during the warmer months just in time for outdoor hangouts and barbecues.

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June bugs do not own stingers and don’t really cause any damage to humans or our furry friends. The worst that they can do is damage green life, so if you have a garden you might be in trouble when it comes to these little guys. They will devour anything green. We have all seen these little critters everywhere swarming Central Texas like an insect apocalypse. Even though this isn’t a Biblical situation, it’s still gross and creepy. No one likes the feeling of one of these things crawling on them, and they love flying into people's faces.

Courtesy of YouTube
Courtesy of YouTube


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Even though June bugs aren't really physically harmful to anyone (though they can drive you crazy), we all want to know how to get rid of them.

I know personally hate waking up in the morning, stepping outside to enjoy the sunrise, and being met my a pile of dead or dying june bugs from the night before. Ugh!

To get rid of a june bugs, you will need to first get rid of the white grub which is their larva stage. You can identify them using the advice in the video above. There are pesticides you can use to target both the adults and the grubs, and they can get deep into the grass roots, but you've got to know how to safely and effectively use them. Again, the video above is helpful.

The summer is not even here yet and I’ve seen enough June bugs to last me a whole season. Let’s kick these pests off our property!

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