I don’t think there’s nothing more impressive when being a business owner or branding yourself then letting the world know that your self made. Just the fact of the idea of knowing you made this happen all by yourself with  blood, sweat and tears without giving up you and becoming  exactly who you were striving to be. I’m all about giving somebody credit when credit is most definitely due. We have to give each other our flowers while we’re still here and  the always talented Bee Gaines, oh my goodness Central Texas, we were not ready for her at all!


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courtesy of You tube
courtesy of You tube

This extremely talented woman is a self-taught fashion designer on the rise of greatness. When you see all of her amazing designs, you would honestly think this came straight out of a teen vogue magazine! This woman’s undeniable talent had to be shared with Central Texas. It’s so funny how I discovered this gorgeous talent, just like everybody else I was on social media scrolling through the newsfeed, and I noticed that one of my friends had tagged this  young lady  a really cute outfit, at first I thought, oh, she was just letting her friend how cute the outfit was ,then I realized NO this woman made the outfit could you imagine!





Every time  this amazing woman begins to put an outfit together, I have to pick my mouth up off the ground from the astonishing talent she upholds! I’ve never met this young lady a day in my life, but, just from speaking to her through social media, the vibe with her is everything ! Bee Gaines  is what I like to call not one of my good girlfriends but a great “goal friend “. Versace, Gucci and Prada better make room on the runway because Bee Gaines is on her way!


Courtesy of youtube

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