Killeen, Texas is starting the Memorial Day weekend off with a bang, the memorial day weekend music festival is going to be the concert Central Texas will be talking about for a very long time!


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The always gorgeous Avery Sunshine, the extremely talented Alexander O’Neal and Cherelle Will be here to get Central Texas groovin'. Make sure you are at the Memorial Day weekend miss music festival Saturday, May 28 at 8 PM it will be located at the Kaleen Civic and Conference Center located at 30 60 one S. WS Young Dr.

These performers are some big-name R&B artists that all of us either remember growing up to or at least dancing to Saturday night live, was one of my mother's favorite Saturday morning jams as we used to clean up the house.
Avery Sunshine‘s music literally takes you to another world she’s so extremely talented! You do not want to miss out on Central Texas, Tickets are on sale right now at and Gays House of Beauty, you can also listen to me 12 to 3 during the All Request Lunch hour for your chance to win tickets to this amazing event. These amazing artists will be performing some of your favorite songs and classic jams that just bring us back to a simpler time. Let’s get ready to get our dance on and sing until our voices are gone Central Texas see you there!

Let's have a look back of all of the wonderful wardrobe selection for Jershika Maple

Jershika style through the whole show could not be touched!

Fans were ready for TLC at the Bell County Expo Center

Jeff Tayco and his friends most definitely understood the assignment way before the concert, Jeff was even told by TLC , "Oh you are really on the TLC tip"!

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