There is nothing more uncomfortable, and frankly worse for your health, than having the anxiety every day compounding exponentially from constantly worrying about perpetually needing to look over your shoulder because of the fear of an outstanding warrant. That is why the city of Killeen, Texas wants you to take advantage of the upcoming safe harbor for municipal court warrants in an effort to provide you with an incredibly relieving clean slate.

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According to this press release with the city of Killeen, if you have a warrant with the municipal court, you will be able to surrender to the courthouse without fear of being arrested. Also, the intention is to make good on your order to appear with the possibility of receiving reduced sentences and fines.

How does the Warrant Forgiveness program work in Killeen, Texas?

Last year, more than 100 warrants were able to be cleared, and nearly $60,000 dollars in fines and fees were basically forgiven. At the time the program opened last year, there were over 4,000 names and $2 Million in unpaid fees.

When is the safe harbor period for warrant forgiveness this year in Killeen, Texas?

The warrant forgiveness period will begin on Friday, December 1st and run the entire final month of 2023. The last thing you want to do is waste an entire month of get out of jail free opportunity, just to end up in the can to start 2024.

The holidays are all about giving and the new year is all about a fresh start, this is your chance to enjoy both.

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