The first step to justice was taken Tuesday morning in the case of Javier Ambler, a former Killeen resident and Ellison High School graduate who lost his life in the custody of Williamson County Police.


Settlement Awarded

According to KWTX, earlier today in Williamson County, commissioners authorized a $5 million dollar wrongful death settlement to the family of Javier Ambler.

Javier Ambler died in police custody of the Williamson County Police in March of 2019, after reportedly being tased for not complying.


Caught On Camera


The interaction was caught on camera by the TV Show "LIVE PD" which was subsequently canceled.



Ambler was heard telling the police "he couldn't breathe", "save me" and that he had a heart condition.


This is a prime example of why police should always wear body cameras it either hurts or helps their case.


Family Reaction


His father understood that his anger shouldn't be aimed at the entire police force.

Back in June of 2020 at a vigil held for Ambler, his father Javier Ambler Sr told CBS Austin:

“I’m not gonna bad mouth the police force, but those right there are bad,” Those on the scene – some of them pushed the envelope too far, and some of them were just standing around.”


A statement from the family on the settlement says they hope the decision "sends a powerful message to law enforcement that ignoring a person's pleas that they can't breathe will no longer be tolerated." 


What Is Next?

The cops from Williamson County involved in the incident denied any wrongdoing in the case, despite their former sheriff being indicted on charges he tampered with evidence.

The officers are currently awaiting trial for manslaughter.

In my opinion, if anyone is saying they can't breathe, there should be an instant act of support and concern to the person pleading for help. And for that reason alone, I think the manslaughter charge should be upgraded to second-degree murder.


Justice For Javier Ambler



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