Anybody that knows me in Killeen, Texas knows that I love animals more than loving people. So when I heard the story about a Dachshund that was abandoned in a book bag but rescued by a family I just had to let all the Central Texas know.

KCEN-TV reports that a malnourished dachshund was found abused and stuffed in a backpack near Old Florence Road in Killeen. The rescuer, Gina Ray, was driving down the road on Saturday when she saw an oddly positioned book bag near the road. She said her instinct told her to check it out, and lo and behold it was the little helpless dachshund.

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The book bag the baby Dachshund was put in was filled with urine and feces, which is just so unsettling. Gina Ray explained that right now the poor pup is at 6 pounds, but the goal is for him to get 10 pounds, which is average for Dachshunds  his age.

Once Gina Ray took the dog to the veterinarian, he was estimated to be around eight years old. He also had a leg that was amputated due to the fact of it was beyond repair.

The story is so sad, but I can appreciate Gina Ray making sure to be a decent human being and saving this animal's life. No one has come forward in regards to who has committed this crime, but I hope they are found very soon and face the consequences for their utter cruelty.

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