This article is for sure near and dear to my heart, I can honestly say  I was really excited to write this particular article because I know this young man personally, I mean middle school and high school personally, same neighborhood , and same church personally so hopefully you can get what I mean. Kreshawn Fleming is probably one of the hardest working photographers and filmmakers that I know, and I’m not just saying that because he’s a dear friend of mine.

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courtesy of Kreshawn Fleming /facebook
courtesy of Kreshawn Fleming /facebook



I’m saying that because the proof is in the pudding, this young man has put together amazing projects and videos  all through the city ,one in particular is the Killeen Documentary  "The story is mythical" film, not to mention that this guy is just a born visionary and a humble genius. Kreshawn Fleming also known as Flem , and if you really know him, he’s known as little Flem, is literally changing the game of photo and films . He’s also the creator of the Remedy Experience which allowed me and some of our close peers to be a part of, which was a recorded podcast.



The concept pretty much consists of a group of peers who conducted discussions about every day problems and every day goals in our community. I cannot say this enough, Kreshawn Fleming in my opinion is up next!  Kreshawn Fleming could possibly be our next Spielberg or Spike Lee of Central Texas ,and I couldn’t be more honored to call him a friend! Little Flem keep shining my boy , and thank you for making all us very proud !


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