Halloween night in Central Texas was pretty quiet for the most part but Killeen police are searching for two suspects who robbed a Mickey's gas station early Thursday morning according to KWTX News 10.

Police say the two robbers entered the Mickey's in the 4800 block of Westcliff Road and Cedar Hill Drive at around 3:30 am and demanded money. Things got physical according to the report with the suspects putting them in chokeholds and moving them to another part of the store.

Police describe the suspects as heavy set black men, both weighing around 250 pounds and being six foot to six foot two inches tall, one of the men was wearing an olive green hoodie, with a white mask taped to his face, the other wore a black hoodie and wore a black durag to cover his face.

The suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of money but police are reviewing surveillance footage of the crime. If you have any information, contact Killeen Police.

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