Killeen police are investigating after two people tried to drive away in a man's car after he left it unlocked and running outside a convenience store early Friday morning.

It happened at the Valero at 1000 W. Stan Schlueter Loop shortly after 12 AM. KWTX's Kathleen Serie reports that the victim left his car unlocked and running when he entered the store. When he returned, two men were in the vehicle and attempting to steal it.

The victim reached into the car to try to prevent the pair driving away. The man in the dirver's seat hit the gas and drove through a fence on the property, then he and the other suspect fled on foot. The victim received minor injuries in the struggle.

Police have not released detailed descriptions of the suspects.

We know it may seem convenience to leave your car running and unlocked as you run into a store for a moment, but even if your vehicle is in your line of sight, someone can easily jump in it and take off before you can react. Do the smart thing and lock it up. A moment's inconvenience is better than losing your ride.

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