I cannot stress how scary the weather in Killeen and all Central Texas was Wednesday morning (Nov. 3). Drivers who were on the road commuting anywhere will know what I'm talking about. Whether you were headed to work, school, or the grocery store, you know conditions were not friendly to our cars at all.

Sadly, this seems to have contributed to a Killeen ISD student being struck by a car.

It Could Happen To Anyone

The scary thing about this is that the driver wasn’t under the influence. They also weren't texting and driving, which we all know we are guilty of doing at one point or another.

We've Got To Be Mindful

The driver reportedly hit the child due to the severe harsh winds and pounding rain. I can only suggest when driving that we Texans will need to try our best to stay highly attentive as much as possible.

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Not to say that this driver wasn’t attentive, but we've got to stay extra aware and cautious in school zones. They aren't just inconvenient patches of road with low speed limits meant to frustrate us on our commute. They exist for a reason: to get us to slow down and watch for kids. Even in clear weather, you never know what kids can or will do to get themselves hurt, and it's up to us to be on the lookout.

No Life-Threatening Injuries

Our partners at News 10 report that the collision occurred near Ellison High School around 8 AM Wednesday. The 18-year-old student who was struck was hurt, but the injuries were non-life-threatening and they should be fine. The driver was not injured.

Hands At 10 & 2

We have to be super extra careful when dealing with situations like this, so let’s make sure that our hands are in 10 and 2 and our awareness is at an all-time high. That way we can avoid this happening again.

Respect The School Zone

In my opinion, I feel like Central Texas just isn’t prepared for any type of actual weather unless it consists of heat. We just don’t do well as drivers in snowstorms or rain. Whether you're in a rush or easily distracted, just train yourself to respect those school zones and always be watching for kids.

This situation could have been much worse.

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