You didn't think that snow day was a free day off from school did ya? I bet you did, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Killeen ISD has announced its bad weather make-up day for February 15th.

So, Monday was a snow day. Who remembers the last time Central Texas had a snow day? There was a light dusting of the white flaky stuff back in February of 2019, but when was the last actual snow day around here?

Although it was a nice break from the normal rain we tend to get, it comes at a cost. Killeen ISD announced that Presidents Day, February 15th will be the bad weather make-up day for its students and staff.

The snow we saw on Sunday led to dangerous road conditions on Monday, forcing schools and businesses across Central Texas to close. Many took advantage of the snow day to play outside and build snowmen and have snowball fights with family and friends. Things we almost never get to do due to the warmer climate of Central Texas.

It's a pretty rare occasion that a bad weather day would happen because of snow in these parts, but that's exactly what we got on Monday. As much fun as it was to get a taste of the wintery conditions, now we have to sacrifice a different day to make good on the lost day of school. FOX 44 News reports that day will fall on Presidents Day, Feb. 15th.

February 15th was already designated as a Bad Weather Make-Up Day on the District Calendar for Killeen ISD in-case of a bad weather event causing the closing of school.

Check out some drone footage of a snowy Temple.

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