If you’re in Killeen, Texas and you think you smell smoke, or if you're seeing it on the horizon from out of town, the bad news is you're right - there was a massive grass fire. The good news it that firefighters say they've got it contained.

Killeen Firefighters Contain Grass Fire on South Side of Town


Janell Ford with the City of Killeen reports that firefighters were called about the fire at 5:14 PM Thursday. The brush fire broke out and was fanned by high winds in the area of Atlas and Hercules.

The fire burned approximately 35 acres, which is frightening enough, but it was also near a concentration of housing units.

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Thankfully, Nobody Was Injured

Ford reports that no residents, fire personnel, or animals were injured, and none of the nearby homes were damaged. They didn't even have to evacuate anyone.

The fire was reportedly under control within an hour of their response, but crews remained at the scene until around 11PM to clean up and watch for any signs of the fire making a comeback.

Courtesy of Killeen Fire Dept
Courtesy of Killeen Fire Dept

Thank You, Killeen Fire Department

11 fire units that responded to the blaze, as well as nine police units, a member of the Killeen Office of Homeland security and emergency management, and a crewmember from the Killeen Public Works Department.

They did a fantastic job, and we can't thank them enough for keeping our community safe.

If there’s any more information, we will make sure to keep central Texas updated. In the meantime, stay safe out there.

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