According to Fox 44, the Killeen police department found itself in a very unusual predicament. There was a complaint made to the department about squatters in a home that later ended up, leading to someone being arrested with felony charges for drugs. The report took place in the 700 block of W. Green Ave., where the property was supposed to be vacant.

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The residents were very concerned that there was activity happening in the home and decided to notify the Killeen Police. Once the police officers investigated the property, they ended up finding a woman who was staying there without anyone’s permission.

According to the reporting party, when you first entered the home, you could see narcotics and even alleged stolen property in the home. The 39-year-old woman was sent to the Killeen jail and will be transferred to the Bell County facility where she will remain on second-degree felony charges with a bond set at $75,000.

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