While the country is still protesting police brutality and equality, there is one case here in Central Texas that is gaining more attention.

KWTX reports Javier Ambler died in police custody of the Williamson County Police in March of 2019, after reportedly being tased for not complying.

The interaction was caught on camera by the TV Show "LIVE PD" which was subsequently canceled.

Ambler was heard telling the police "he couldn't breathe", "save me" and that he had a heart condition.

This is an example of why police should always wear body cameras it either hurts or helps their case.

Yesterday at Lions Club Park in Killeen, the family of Javier Ambler and The Let's Move Movement held a vigil for the former Ellison High School Student.

While the community is applying pressure to get answers on Ambler's death, his father understands that his anger shouldn't be aimed at the entire police force. He told CBS Austin:

“I’m not gonna bad mouth the police force, but those right there are bad,” Those on the scene – some of them pushed the envelope too far, and some of them were just standing around.”


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