You may remember the story of Michael Dixon a.k.a. "MJ" who I featured a few weeks ago here on the site.

Dixon, was experiencing pain in his legs and was diagnosed with B cell Acute Leukemia back during the February snowstorm, and is now in need of a marrow transplant.

Doctors informed his mom, Chaundra Dixon, that MJ would need full-time care for at least a year.

Because of that, her FMLA leave pay expired and now she needs serious help from the community.

She told KWTX:

“The doctor told me “you cannot work”. Those words hit me because it’s like how can I pay the bills? I have other babies.”

Dixon's experience gave her a new perspective and an idea - she plans to present Killeen city leaders with an idea about creating daycare specifically for sick children.

Her son MJ o,nly has a 23% chance of finding his marrow match.

And as KWTX reports, the bone marrow needs to be from someone African American:

On Saturday, June 19th there will be a Bone Marrow drive for MJ at The Juneteenth Rhythm and Ribs Festival in Round Rock.

You're also welcome to give anything you can spare to MJ's GoFundMe page.

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