The Federal Aviation Administration may have been cleared Justin Bieber of any illegal flight-related activity, but the singer's legal woes are far from over. If reports are to be believed, Justin's friends are getting pulled into his on-going paparazzo assault case.

According to TMZ, the photographer who claims he was beaten up by Justin's bodyguards in a Subway bathroom is planning on focusing the lawsuit around the singer's alleged drug use.

Reportedly, the paparazzo's lawyer wants to subpoena Lil Za, Lil Twist, Khalil, Scooter Braun, among others, to support the case that heavy drug use led to Justin's behavior. This allegedly includes the 'As Long As You Love Me' singer's consumption of sizzurp, weed and alcohol.

TMZ points out that an interesting addition to the supposed list of people the photographer's lawyer wants to subpoena is Patrick Nilsson, Justin's trainer. It doesn't really fit that a person who keeps Justin healthy would testify about his drug use.

Yikes! We hope for Justin's sake that this all works out soon.

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