The hip-hop community is still mourning the loss of Pop Smoke who was shot and killed last month in California.

In an interview with Too Fab, which was published last Saturday (Feb. 29), Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti says he believes hip-hop is the only music genre that expects violence to occur with their artists. The rap mogul noted that you don’t hear about other artists getting shot up in other music genres.

"It's sad, it really is sad. It happens in hip-hop a lot," he told the media website. "It only happens in hip-hop. And I don't wish that on nobody, but, you know what I'm saying? It's not like you're ever gonna see Justin Bieber got smoked, or whatever. It's only hip-hop."

"And people be like—well, with hip-hop you always flossin', you always doin' this—but, like—what you want niggas to do," he continued.

Irv seemingly can't understand why it happened and is deeply frustrated over Pop Smoke's demise. "I just love hip-hop so I hate shit like that, you know what I'm saying?" he stated. "And I was just like getting into him and his music and his vibe and the sky's the limit and they just took his life, for what?"

Irv’s comments come as 50 Cent recently announced that he will finish and executive produced the late rapper's posthumous album. Additionally, Pop Smoke’s family issued a statement on Monday (March 2) thanking the hip-hop community for their love and support.

“The family of Bashar 'Pop Smoke' Jackson would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for their support," the statement reads. "Every prayer, call and act of kindness is deeply appreciated as we mourn the loss of our son, brother and friend. Brooklyn was the backdrop for all that Bashar loved. It's where he was raised, nurtured and educated prior to the world being introduced to his immense talent as the artist Pop Smoke. We continue to ask for respect and privacy during these difficult times. In accordance with Bashar's wishes, we will be announcing the full details of his foundation soon. 'Shoot for the stars. Aim for the moon.'"

Pop Smoke's final burial is expected to take place this week in Brooklyn.

Watch Irv Gotti talk about Pop Smoke and his untimely death below.

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