I cannot be more ecstatic about the fact that Jess Hilarious is coming back to Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen, Texas this June 10 and 11.

If you did not get to see her show the last time she was here, or if you’ve never listened to anything I've said in praise of her work before, I’m telling you to listen to me now - this woman is insanely talented and Killeen is about to find out again.

Jess Hilarious is definitely one of my favorite internet influencers and comedians. Her natural way of telling jokes and being relatable is always translated and executed perfectly at every live show.

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When Jess came to the city of Killeen, she was nothing but humble, hilarious, and so sweet. I absolutely love her and wish nothing but for her to continue her success. What I love about Jess Hilarious is that she's versatile. Not only does she have her own podcast, but she also does stand up and video skits. She’s just an all-out entertainer and understands that today's comedians really need to be masters of all platforms.

With the success she's had, she's also been able to bring her friends along for the journey and help further their careers as comedians and actors - the father of her child included. Her rising tide is lifting several ships.


If you want to experience her act live, Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge is located at 4505 Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen. You can get ticket info here.


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