If you missed the Steve Harvey Morning Show today here it is without music or commercials!

Fool #2 has a lady who is caught between her aunt, uncle and the strip club.

There is an alternative for Patti Pies if you cannot afford them according to The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem.

COVID-19 indirectly is the focal point of Entertainment News.

J. Anthony Brown has a new company with a new app.

This here is The Steve Harvey Morning Show and we help people. Sidepieces included! LMBAO!!!

The fellas give us the best holiday breakup advice.

Fool #2 drops the biggest gem though! Junior asks the crew about their Super Bowl predictions in Sports Talk.

Colin Kaepernick and Ben & Jerry's have partnered up to release a vegan ice cream.

Who will take the COVID-19 vaccine? Will you wait or get it as soon as it is available?

The show wraps up with the crew sharing with each other their plans for Christmas and how to stay safe.


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