Texas has seen its share of final farewell tours & final concerts; take George Strait playing his final show in Arlington, Texas back in 2014 or Selena's final concert held at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas in 1995 before her untimely murder. But believe it or not, El Paso, Texas has also seen some final concerts in the past.

Army of Anyone had their final concert in El Paso, Texas

Yes the supergroup that consisted of Filter's Richard Patrick, Robert & Dean DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots, & Ray Luzier (who would later become Korn's drummer) actually had their final two shows in Texas back in 2007.

While we never knew it at the time, the band would perform during the 2007 KLAQ Balloonfest in May at Wet n Wild Waterworld where Army of Anyone would perform Filter & STP covers as well as originals from the band. The band would kill it quits in November 2007.

The next artist would have his final concert under much more tragic circumstances...

Lil Peep would have his final concert in El Paso in 2017

The rapper superstar Gustav Elijah Åhr, aka Lil Peep, would perform at Tricky Falls in El Paso, Texas on November 14, 2017. Hours before the show, the rapper would post a video online where he claimed to take "6 Xanex" and would tell the fans he was ready for that show.

No one knew that this would be the rappers final concert in his life; those who saw the rapper live...they got one hell of a show.

While on the road to his next show, Lil Peep would die of an accidental overdose on Xanex & fentanyl while his tour bus before his scheduled performance in Tuscon, Arizona. He was 21 years old.

Juan Gabriel would die before his scheduled El Paso performance

An honorable mention has to go to the legendary singer, Juarez's favorite son... Juan Gabriel.

After playing in Los Angeles, Juan was scheduled to perform in El Paso, Texas on August 28, 2016. Sadly Juan passed away in his Santa Monica, California home at the age of 66. The last time El Paso got to see Juan was twice in 2015; on February 18 & on December 6.

Thank you Army of Anyone, Lil Peep & Juan Gabriel for the memories. And R.I.P. to Peep & Juan...

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