There's a lot of sports for us to enjoy here in Texas.

You can certainly make the argument that football is king here in the Lone Star State. We've discussed in the past how big football stadiums end up being in Texas. But enough about the pigskin, there's another sport we're going to focus on today.

We turn our attention to America's pastime, known as baseball. In this state, there are two very big teams that residents in the state support: the Texas Rangers or the Houston Astros.

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The Rivalry Is Known As The Lone Star Series

To say there is no love lost between the two teams is putting it nicely. But how do we know that? Well all we have to do is look inside the stadium of the Rangers.

If you take a close look at the map inside Globe Life Stadium, you'll notice something very interesting about it:

Yes, you can see that right. Houston isn't even listed on their map! How...fitting for a rivalry right?

You know what's truly kind of funny, you can see Central Texas cities on the map! Austin, Killeen, and Waco are there. But no Houston.

We're unsure if this was a recent edit, or always been there, but with the Rangers defeated the Astros in the 2023 ALCS, we can infer it was some type of voodoo maybe.

One thing is for certain, all of us have to root for the Texas team to bring home the championship right? This time without trash cans hopefully! (Sorry Astros fans, we had to mention it.)

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