As technology continues to grow, our lives change in Texas.

Things that once were very annoying to do have become easier as time has gone on. For example, going to the grocery store might have been a pain for some. But, thanks to certain apps, you can request the items you need, and someone from the grocery store will meet you outside with said items.

Technology also affects other parts of our life, with one big part being dating. All of us are seeking some type of companionship in our lives. But, not everybody is confident about going out and meeting new people. Dating apps have helped ease that stress.

But for those in the Lone Star State using an app to help with meeting that special someone, data suggests some worrying statistics.

Online Dating In Texas, Not As Safe As One Would Think

To find out the data about dating online, we turn to PrivacyJournal. Using stats for every 100,000 residents, they ranked all 50 states. To say the least, some in the state will be brokenhearted.

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The categories used were as follows:

- Romance Scams
- Identity Theft
- Fraud
- Sex Offenders
- STDs Reports
- Violent Crime

Texas overall wasn't as high as many would hope, sitting at 51.53. A high count of STD reports, 781.5, and violent crimes, 431.9, for example, did not help the state ranking.

Overall, the Lone Star State was placed at 42nd in the nation for dating online. This put Texas in the bottom ten in the nation for virtual dating. So, if your looking for love online, be safe and smart Texas!

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