Driving in Texas can be a hassle sometimes, any one Texan could tell you that. But it's always important to follow the rules while driving in the state. To not do so could cause harm to others on the roadway.

Let's be truthful with each other here, no one likes being involved in an accident for whatever the reason is. But when some purposefully causes an accident due to their actions, it is even more infuriating. But what driving maneuver are we talking about here?

Could it be speeding? What about turning without using your blinker? Ignoring the roadway signs perhaps? All good guesses, but it's none of them.

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We're talking about: A brake check.

Brake Checking In Texas

Brake checking in general is just annoying overall. Nobody likes being stuck behind somebody who keeps testing their braking abilities. So there has to be a way to stop this silliness right?

There's no way the Lone Star State would allow this. There has to be a law against this right? Well...sadly no there isn't a law against brake checking in the state. However, don't be disheartened, as brake checking does fall into another category of driving.

Texas Brake Checking Is Considered What?

As it turns out, according to NEXSTAR, if a driver is caught brake checking, that driver could face a hit in their own wallet. Brake checking is considered reckless driving in the Lone Star State and could result in an individual being placed in jail for 30 days, a potential fine, or a fine and jail time together is also a possibility.

Moral of the story? Don't brake check!

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