Many people in the state of Texas have that one special someone.

We've all seen a happy couple walking down the street and been filled with joy at the sight. Others might just simply be jealous and wish they had a significant other in their life. Simply put, we all know somebody in a relationship.

But a relationship is something to take seriously and not for granted. They're not always perfect, but not every relationship is truly flawless. Sadly though, somebody in a partnership might make the decision to go behind their partner's back and be unfaithful.

When that person is caught, a lot of question are raised. However, there's one that some might be wondering about in the Lone Star State. Could a person in the state of Texas go to jail for cheating on their partner?

Cheating On Someone In Texas May Result In Jailtime?

To find out the answer, we turn to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Could adultery in state of Texas put someone behind bars for a period of time?

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The answer, as stated by the Star-Telegram, is simple. No, a person cannot go to jail for cheating on their partner. In simple terms, it's not illegal.

But, if a divorce happens due to the cheating, things could change drastically for the individual who was unfaithful. If the wronged person is able to prove the adultery, it may have an effect of various things during the court proceedings.

Items affected could be as follows:

- Alimony
- Child custody
- Community assets
- Property Division

Simply put, it might be better to not cheat on your significant other in Texas!

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