There is one major thing that everyone in Texas loves: football!

Whenever a Professional or Collegiate football team takes the field and they're from the state of Texas, you can bet the support for the team will be unmatched. However, not everyone can watch the team in person. So what's the next best thing you ask?

Well, fans will try to watch their team on TV, or perhaps listen to their teams' broadcasters on radio. Where there is a will, there is a way for fanatics after all. But what happens when there is a screw-up virtually?

Well, one TV station in Dallas might have accidently messed up recently during an NFL playoff game. If you were the fan of the winning team, you missed a huge moment.

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NFL Game Cut Short In The Lone Star State

So for viewers of the the Lions-Rams game, there was certainly much to watch. A very competitive game, things were finally reaching the end. Detroit was taking the final steps towards a win. Suddenly, with a minute and 54 seconds left in the game...this happened:

Now to be fair, the weather in Texas isn't being nice to many residents in the state. But...couldn't the weather report just wait a little bit longer? There has to be some Detroit Lions fans in the Lone Star State that were excited to their team win right?

Now, this is of course a silly mistake that we all can laugh at now. Though, some may have wished for the mistake to happen during the recent Cowboys game...

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