The City of Temple, Texas was hit by devastating tornados. The city has issued a Disaster Declaration due to the storm damage.

"First responders are prioritizing life-saving calls as they work through a high volume of emergency requests," the City stated in a press release.

The City is being very proactive for those who were impacted by the tornadoes. A shelter has been opened for those in need at the Wilson Recreation Center, located at 2205 Curtis B. Elliott Drive. Residents who need transportation may call (254) 298-5682.

They have also have instituted a Temple Recovery Taskforce with those goal of connecting residents impacted by the storm with much needed resources. The taskforce is offering a wide range of services including debris removal and home repairs at no cost.

Residents can submit requests for assistance through Crisis Cleanup - an organization that streamlines recovery efforts by helping government entities, faith based organizations and non-profits coordinate recovery efforts.

You can visit the website or call their hotline at 512-201-4814. These requests are fulfilled by local organizations and charities, not directly by the City. However, there's no guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.

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