Picture this: you've just arrived at the grocery store. You've got a list of things to pick up, and of course it's been a while since your last visit, so there's many things to get. But first things first, you need to park your vehicle, hopefully close to the front door right?

Well you're in luck! There's a parking spot close to the entrance! You pull up, obviously excited and turn into the spot to find: The spot is blocked.

By what you asked? A simple shopping cart left behind by an unknown individual. A few choice words are said, and you either just give up on the prime spot, or you get out of your car, place the cart in the return area, and then park in the spot.

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But, is this something we can do here? Or will we have to deal with carts out in a parking lot for the rest of our lives?

Shopping Carts And Parking Lots, Can Texans Cause A Change?

So you may be wondering if there's anything Texas Law Enforcement can do to alleviate the stress that we just described? Sadly, at the time of writing there isn't a law against just abandoning a shopping cart wherever a Texan pleases.

But in Fort Worth, Texas moves are being made to make it that other shopping carts that are abandoned can be returned properly, if someone decides to just take one without asking. You can learn more about that ordinance here.

So with that ordinance, maybe soon we'll be able to convince other Texas shoppers to place their carts back in the return area. At least we hope so!

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