A 31-year-old ride-share driver and father was murdered in broad daylight while working in Fort Worth, Texas. 


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31-year-old father, Shawali Sherali, was out working his ride-share job for Lyft in Fort Worth when the unimaginable happened. Just before noon, Sherali picked up 35-year-old, Michael Walker.


While driving to their destination, Sherali mysteriously crashed into a fence. However, a woman nearby witnessed the accident. She told police after Sherali's Camry crashed into a fence a man, now identified as Walker, "pulled an injured person out of the driver's seat" got into the driver's seat, and sped away.


Dash cam foot was collected from Sherali's vehicle, which was found abandoned at the apartment complex that Sherali was driving to. Investigators discovered Walker pulled out a gun and began shooting Sherali multiple times from the backseat.

He then ditched Sherali's car at an apartment complex and is heard saying, "I had to put a little air in it, bro. Go get the body."

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Police found Walker while he was "urinating and holding a beer bottle" in Fort Worth and arrested him. 35-year-old Michael Walker is currently facing a capital murder charge for the death of Shawali Sherali.

"People should just stay behind bars. They don't deserve to be outside and kill an innocent person," said Noorali Noor, Sherali's older brother. Sherali and his family moved to Texas from Afghanistan in 2021 to escape the Taliban. It's a tragic and sad murder of someone who was seeking a safe place.

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