Big announcement today on the future of the Cotton Bowl.

One of Our Oldest Stadiums in Texas Getting Big Upgrades

The Cotton Bowl has been around since 1930 and I am proud to say it will be staying put for at least 100 years. The Cotton Bowl announced today a contract between the University of Texas at Austin and Oklahoma University to keep the Red River Rivalry at the Cotton Bowl through 2036.

Texas VS Oklahoma Staying at the Cotton Bowl

That's Not All, Multi-Million Dollar Upgrades Are Coming

Along with this contract extension, a $140 million dollar upgrade will becoming to the historic venue. Here is what fans can expect to see over the next decade or so.

  • Wider Concourses
  • Escalators
  • New Concessions
  • New Restrooms

The Stadium Will Be Upgraded in Phases

The plan is to have the west side of the stadium completed by September 2026, while the east side of the stadium will be completed by 2034. This is huge news for the city of Dallas because the Red River Rivalry game is a big money maker for the city every year. It's estimated last year's game brought in 51 million dollars to the city of Dallas.

Fun Fact: 2036 Is an Interesting Year for This Contract to End

It's extremely possible that this contract with the Cotton Bowl gets extended though 2036, but that year Texas (the state) will be celebrating its bicentennial. 200 years of being a state, I have a feeling the Texas fans will be a little extra loud for that game. We will wait and see how these new upgrades turn out.

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