According to author PJ O'Neal who shared a story at, there are 5 food items that Texans need to resist when eating at a breakfast buffet.

Some of the reasons why come from warnings shared by the FDA itself. Others are based on the opinions of other food-wise folks who have studied the data and also from their personal experiences traveling around Texas and the country, generally speaking.

Although I enjoy reading this information and appreciate learning new things about...well, anything...but especially food, I have a feeling I'll be inclined to risk it and still enjoy some of these foods at our breakfast buffets in Tyler, Texas. Maybe. Well, it depends on the restaurant or hotel in question, of course.

I'm curious if you'll feel the same way.

Next time you travel around Texas and book a place that offers a free breakfast buffet, you may want to keep this in mind.

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I love eating breakfast any time of the day. I especially love enjoying breakfast buffets when I'm on vacation. Plus they're usually an all-you-can-eat thing, so you know your family will start their day with full tummies. So this was a bummer to read. But, no one wants to deal with the horrors of food poisoning.

But it's a bummer for financial reasons, as well.

Traveling can be quite expensive, so running across a place that offers free breakfast for the family can be a bit of a relief on the family travel budget. At least you won't have to worry about paying for ONE meal of the day, right?

According to one TikTok-er who is a former hotel employee, the risk just isn't worth it at some places. Here's what she had to say:

@brandiaugustus Don’t eat the free breakfast! #hotelhacks #nightaudit #hotel ♬ Playmate at a scary scene - Kohrogi



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