Dave & Busters is a fun stop for just about anyone. I mean, you walk in, get some food, maybe an adult beverage then load up your card and spend a couple of hours in the arcade. For this gamer, it's a perfect night out. But what if instead of winning tickets to shop for some trinkets, you could win some actual money? That's gambling, isn't it? Kinda but not. Let's explore what "Social Wagering" is and how it's coming to Dave & Buster's in Texas soon.

What is Social Wagering?

Have you ever participated in an office pool? Super Bowl squares? Bingo? Charitable raffle? If so, you have participated in social wagering. This is legal in Texas simply because you're not betting on a game of chance like Blackjack or poker or at a slot machine, you are competing on equal terms with another player.

For Dave & Buster's, they will give you the opportunity through their Hot Shots basketball game, Skee-Ball or select other arcade games to make a wager on certain challenges or contests. You will be able to do this through the Dave & Buster's app (nbcdfw.com).

If Only...

The closest Dave & Buster's to East Texas is in Dallas. Many in East Texas would love to have one in Tyler or Longview. Problem is, the traffic flow through either city isn't enough for Dave & Buster's to build. Plus, the company isn't looking to expand anywhere in the U.S. as of right now.

While Dave & Buster's is copyrighted, their concept is not. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you could always open a Dave & Buster's-like business. I think it would have great success in East Texas.

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