Shopping in Texas has sure changed a lot over the last 4 decades. Long gone are many stores that we not only shopped at often but also used to hang out with our friends sharing stories and socializing.

Who doesn't remember going to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent movies? Or running up to Radio Shack for the latest gadget?

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These days, the convenience of shopping online has taken over the simple joy of going to one of these retailers to get you the things you need or want. I can simply just hop on Amazon or any number of websites to get anything my heart desires. Trust me, my wife is not a happy camper when she comes home and sees the slew of boxes in front of our house.

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Technology has a lot to do with many of these retailers closing their doors. But the nostalgia that pops into our heads when we think of these stores will last forever.

Take a look at some of these retailers who have closed their doors in the Lone Star State for good, and see what kind of memories pop into your head.

These 10 Texas Retail Stores From the 90's No Longer Exist

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These are just a few examples of stores that were once very popular in Texas. I can think of a ton of other stores that bring up some great memories for me. Hastings in Abilene would probably top that list. But remember Eckerd Drugs, Hollywood Video, or Service Merchandise?

What store do you remember the most that no longer exists in Texas?

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