I think I've found the gem of the gyms in Killeen! ITRAINU's Athletic Training University is any athlete's dream training facility. They have great trainers that have a vast amount of knowledge on how to whip you into shape while having fun doing it. Athletes of all ages are encouraged to come workout.

You can choose the type of sport training that you would like to engage in. According to their website, "Each sport/program has designated times and days so that athletes who specialize in more than one sport will be able to take advantage of as many sessions as they desire!"

I like to think I'm a fit person. I like to go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week. Gotta keep these abs chiseled for summer right? Right! So last week I decided to stop in and see their trainer, Breonn Alexander, to join he and the squad for a workout session and I must say that was the best workout I've had since I stopped playing college basketball.

They even have an "afterschool program" for the kiddos to get right too! Check out the flyer below and click here to sign up for your free first session!


Afterschool flyer


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