According to the Killeen Police Department, Police are conducting a death investigation that took place on York Ave., February 27th at 12:41 PM. Officers were reported to meet at the 800 block of York Avenue after a 911 call about a man who needed medical assistance.

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There was an employee from the city of Killeen, Solid Waste noticed individuals were trying to assist a 20-year-old man who happened to be lying down on the sidewalk. Once the officers arrived, they located the unresponsive individual and paramedics advised that the 20-year-old was deceased. Justice Of The Peace Nicola James had to pronounce the victim, deceased, and also order an autopsy to be performed at the Southwest Institute of Forensic Science.


As of right now, there is no additional information on the victim. An investigator says they would like to let the community know there is no foul play suspected and no threat to the public.

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