The weird gene springs up on in Spring, Texas.

I think it's safe to say that we've all spent a weekend naked eating Cheetos and binging on Netflix. Afterward you have to be careful not to go outside without putting on clothing.

Obviously this guy to the naked too far. And by too far I mean outside his home and over to someone else's.

O.K., I might be able to forgive a pervert ringing my bell naked and running away afterward. But when you start staring into my windows and trying to entice my wife to "lose" her shirt, you're asking for the shotgun response.

Before you try to play ding-dong ditch at my doorbell, ask yourself this question: "Do I enjoy having all my body parts still attached to me?"


I looked into this video further and it turns out that the husband, Garrett Gradney, talked to KTRK-TV about what happened on March 21 around 10 p.m.

"My wife and I started hearing noises right outside our bedroom door. This guy actually stayed in the backyard as my alarms were going off and just kept ringing the doorbell," Gradney said.

He, being a good Texan, went into protective mode and grabbed his gun.

By the time deputies arrived, the man was gone. I guess he preferred his dangley bits attached.

Come back again, I dare you.

Gradney filed a report with the Precinct 4 Harris County constable's office.

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