Restaurant chain IHOP recently took to social media and shocked everyone when they announced that they would be changing the name from IHOP to IHOB flipping the "P" to a "B".

Well the big day, June 11th has arrived and the company revealed the "b" means "Burgers" as part of a campaign to promote a new line of burgers. This comes after week's of speculation that the name change could be anything from "breakfast" to "biscuits" to "bacon" since its always been known for its "pancakes" and breakfast menu. Of course we're all confused, (aren't there enough BURGER joints as there is) but this is a pretty sweet deal as their menu features several new burgers that will come with unlimited fries and soda. But while a few locations will be changing their signs to IHOb, a majority of the 1800 locations will remain IHOP so the "International House Of Pancakses" will remain.

Will you "b" trying one of their new burgers?

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