I believe Texas is probably one of the best places to raise a family and enjoy the remaining years of your life. I could be being extremely unfair to the fact that I am a born and raise in Texas and there are not many bad things I can say about the great state. Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more people have migrated to the south and specifically Texas.

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There are other states in the south that are probably really beautiful and wonderful to live in but there is no state like the great state of Texas. Texans wanna know why are so many people all of a sudden choosing Texas to be the state to locate to. According to Warn North Americans, Texas is the perfect state if you’re looking for affordable housing. For example, Dallas was known as the 11th-best city for getting the most out of their paycheck in 2015. Affordable housing is something that you can always find in t Texas where a home can average from  $177,000-$243,000 for a decent place to live. Some of the best schools in the United States are right here in the great state of Texas with exceptional educational programs.



Last but not least, new residents say another reason why moving to Texas is ideal is because of the weather. Now if you are a native Texan, like myself Central, Texas, the weather could sometimes be considered miserable in the summer, but it just doesn’t compare to the snow in the north. It is really hard to deny that Texas is not a beautiful state, with some of the best military bases, barbecues, and southern hospitality. Why wouldn’t Texas be your go-to home state?

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