We all have our favorite foods. When we're feeling down, we do things to make ourselves feel better. Sometimes, food is always the answer to brightening our moods.

Some like burgers, others love ice cream. Personally, pizza always make feel better. Specifically a pepperoni pizza.

But waiting for a pizza when your hungry or in a sour mood is often not fun. It also can sometimes put many in an even fouler mood. But with the invention of various technologies, waiting times have gone down.

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Especially in Houston, where one vending machine offers pizza that is ready to eat in...3 minutes!

PizzaForno Heats Up In Houston

So first, let's look at what the machine looks like:

That is a very big machine first of all. But let's be real for a second, it's hard to believe that pizza, let alone artisan pizza, can be made in 3 minutes! According to the official website, there's even various types of pizza that you can order as well.

Also, you can even select a cold pizza option, to where the pizza is put together for you, but you can cook it at home. So they've thought of everything besides the machine somehow delivering the pizza right to your front door it seems like. At the time of writing however, there's only 4 of these machines in Texas.

The Real Question That Must Be Posed

How do we get one of these machines around Central Texas? I'm certainly intrigued to try it. Would you try a pizza from PizzaForno? Let us by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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