You've heard lots of horror stories of lottery winners AFTER they receive their big payouts. From family members turning on them to close friends suddenly becoming enemies, the stories are endless but here's a story about one lottery winner who might be the unluckiest lottery winner ever.

According to CBC News, the saga began last Wednesday with a resident reporting his credit card stolen and several purchases were made with the stolen card including a lottery ticket that police said won a "large amount of money".

Turns out that a 33-year old woman was the person who purchased the winning ticket worth $50,000 ($33,000 American Dollars)! So when she went to collect her winnings, police greeted her with handcuffs and arrested her before she could even walk INSIDE the lottery office. She was charged with two counts of possessing a stolen credit card and five counts of fraud.

The bad luck doesn't stop there. The woman caught a ride to the lottery office with a 46 year old woman who was driving with a suspended license and without insurance. So the 46 year old was ticketed and her car was impounded. Damn.

As for the money she couldn't claim, the lottery says it's impossible for someone to reap the rewards of somebody else's illegal exploits so the $50,000 will instead go into the corporation's unclaimed prize account, which goes toward future jackpots.

Makes me think of the classic song from Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes:

For having bad luck and spreading that bad luck to all the folks around her, this 33-year old lady in Newfoundland gets this week's blessing from the bishop!

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