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This week's award goes to EVERYBODY involved with the continued partial government shutdown dragging on into its 21st day, the longest in U.S. history. As thousands of Federal employees and their families suffer without paychecks, this government and everyone involved could solve this issue but instead they want to argue back and forth and point our expense.

Before you think this is just focused on the President, its not. This award goes to Republicans, Democrats, Independents AND the President combined because ALL of them are at fault for this nonsense. Let's start at the top.

The President and the Republican Party had TWO years of control of Congress yet for some reason, they thought they were going to earn a super majority during midterms and they chose not to fund his wall during that time frame. Midterms of course BACKFIRED and suddenly, 9 days after Democrats take the House, the "wall" is URGENT and needs to be funded. Really?

But Democrats, don't go gloating yet. Yall get this week's award too because instead of arguing back and forth with the President, they could reach across the aisle to their counterparts in Congress and vote to OVER RIDE the President's authority to reopen the government and let folks go back to work, but they haven't.

If the government REALLY cared about us little people, they would put all of that to the side and get to work and figure it all out later but instead here are driving full speed into a recession, all because of a wall.

One more thing, a majority of Americans haven't been even remotely CLOSE to the border of Mexico to know what's going on down there so why are you believing the nonsense of a "crisis"? The closest border the average American has been to is Taco Bell.

Besides, if you live in Texas, why would you want a wall when Interstate 35 remains uncompleted and they been working on that for 20 years! Our priorities are jacked up in this country and it starts with our leadership.

For playing politics while people suffer, the ENTIRE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT gets this week's Hell 2 Da Naw Naw Award! Bless them Bishop!

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