"For unto you, born this day in the city of David, a savior which is Christ The Lord...That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown."

Those are the words of Linus in "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the annual holiday classic that just about everyone has seen. Poor Linus is at the center of controversy in Killeen this holiday season according to The Austin American Statesman, after a nurse's aide at Patterson Middle School was ordered to remove a door decoration depicting Linus and the quote from the cartoon by the school's principal citing that it might offend other students of different beliefs and religions. KISD Trustees recently defended the principal's decision and that has caused an outcry from those who believe that there is a "War On Christmas" including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calling the trustees decision "unlawful".

I have BREAKING NEWS for you just in case you didn't get the memo: NOT EVERYONE CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS. Every year, Americans get suckered into this controversy over "decorations" and "greetings" and other nonsense that seems to DISTRACT you from the actual meaning of the season. We get caught up in arguments like "Is Santa Claus White?" (let that one swirl around in your head for a minute) and "Don't say Happy Holidays to me" like we all are supposed to automatically assume that YOU celebrate Christmas...

KISD has a responsibility to all of our kids to teach them about the world that they are going to inherit, and they MUST KNOW that other cultures and beliefs exist in the world. It will make them a RICHER person by being aware and conscious of them, so I see no problem in their decision to be respectful of other students.

But at the same time, was this "door decoration" really worth all this? Meetings, lawsuits and "referendums" just over "decorations"? I'm sure things didn't have to get this far out of control and I'm sure the kids aren't the least bit concerned. Ask any kid in school and I'm sure they will tell you that it was just a cute decoration for Christmas, nothing more, nothing less. It's always the ADULTS that seem to have to be taught a lesson in times like these.

Let's be clear, no one is saying that you or your family shouldn't celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or Festivus, celebrate it the way you want to, but what are we REALLY teaching our children by behaving in this fashion? We're a rich tapestry of many in America, and the meaning of the season (besides the "airing of the grievances" which seems more fitting in this case) is to love one another and be giving in love and spirit for one another despite our differences, not being petty over "doors" and "Greetings".

So whatever you celebrate, I want to say, Happy Holidays To ALL OF YALL and now I'll ask the Bishop to bless you all!