The Bible is the most widely published and easily available book on the planet. You can find one just about anywhere even if you aren't neccesairly looking for one. You probably have one near you right now.

For centuries pastors and charlatans alike have used the Bible to manipulate their believers into doing things they shouldn't be doing and one of the masters of this manipulation is Creflo Dollar.

Pastor Dollar is very talented and very gifted and getting his flock to part with their money. Just a few years ago, he was able to successfully get his church members to donate MILLIONS to buy himself a PRIVATE JET. Now he's back and he needs your dollars again but at least this time, he's giving you something in return:

Bible Study.

That's right folks for just $19 dollars a month you can skip going to church FOR FREE or opening up your own Bible at home and studying FOR FREE and get Bible study lessons from the man himself. You gotta love how he uses the metaphor for "accessing the money in your bank account" to "access God's heavenly account". Nice tie-in.

Isn't it ironic that Pastors like Dollar and others always need "the root of all evil" to give you what's FREE? For once again, using the Bible to enrich himself while giving you nothing but lip service, Creflo Dollar is this week's #Hell2DaNawNaw Award winner.

Now for some words from the Good Bishop who's words will never leave you nor forsake you:


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