I'm normally a very happy and positive person, but we're all entitled to at least one bad day sometimes and today is that day for me. After waking up and finding that my cell phone was broken, and my back up phone was lost I spent most of my day in a panic as I missed important calls and emails. But that's just the beginning, I was reminded that one of my kids didn't have all of his immunizations completed to start the next school year next week and now add that mad scramble to the recent weather and you definitely have the definition of "when it rains, it pours".

So you can imagine my frustration, but I was quickly reminded that despite all the nonsense going on in my very little world, I couldn't help but to be reminded of our friends and neighbors over in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas that have been inundated with rains and floods over the past weekend. Folks, some I know personally, are losing their homes and belongings and lives and I'm over here complaining about "cell phones and shots"

It's a reminder that despite what you maybe going through, it could always be worse. According to CNN, there a ton of ways you can help our neighbors in Louisiana either by donating to The Red Cross or The United Way and many other organizations that are helping those in need. But even with all that going on, remember to keep the attitude of THIS KID in the video, keep smiling and dancing, because greater days are ahead, only if you believe they are!