A Harker Heights, Texas mom is thanking the Central Texas community for helping her get to her son's Marine graduation.

If you can remember sometime last month around January 17th, I wrote an article about a single mother who was asking Central Texas for help. Brittney Robinson has a child who decided to make a very mature and brave decision to join the US Marines. Jeffrey Deloach III has never been away from his family that long in his life. The mother and son made sure to stay in contact through letters while he was in basic training. Brittney patiently waited for letters from her son, then she finally received the most important letter ever informing her that her son would be graduating from boot camp.

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Courtesy of Brittany Robinson
Courtesy of Brittney Robinson



Brittney knew that she wasn’t going to miss the most important moment of her son’s life, she just wasn’t exactly sure how she would be able to get there. That’s why Brittney decided to create a GoFundMe account and ask for the assistance of Central Texas.

I wrote the article hoping that my friends and neighbors would not turn a blind eye to a mother who worked all her life to make sure that her children had everything they needed, and as a mother never asked for anything back. Central Texas not only made sure a supportive mother was able to see her son graduate, but that Jefferey's siblings, who missed him dearly, could be there as well.

Courtesy of Brittany Robinson
Courtesy of Brittney Robinson


Jeffrey is now an official US Marine who humbly accepts the responsibilities of taking care of this great nation. Knowing that the good people of Central Texas helped his proud mama be there to see him graduate brings a smile to my face.

Once again, congratulations Jeffrey Deloach III, and great job Brittney Robinson on raising your son!

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