There’s nothing scary than being in a hostile situation or worse for Harker Heights police to have a standoff with any individual who is known as violent and caring weapons, this morning, December 10, 2021, a young lady was seen running out of a hotel room severely beaten by a gentleman who was supposedly been released from prison and had this scared young lady held captive in a hotel at Days Inn in the city of  Harker Heights with a number of weapons.

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Michael Cantu, KWTX-TV
Michael Cantu, KWTX-TV

This is definitely a very dangerous situation not only for the brave officers of  Killeen the police department but the gentleman as well. we don’t have any more details besides the fact that right now the standoff is going on I will make sure to do a continuance once we know exactly why and who this gentleman is. What I would suggest,  with all of Harker Heights is to remain in the house and be safe we do not know what this individual is capable of and to be honest, I also don’t want to find out what this individual is capable of.



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I would just rather everyone remain where you are and if you have to leave try your best not to be in the area. Near the Days' Inn and allow the always brave Police Department to conduct the situation as professional and more important as safe as possible. Now again the is with the individual is still just alleged, now real details yet. Stay safe Central Texas and God bless!

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