Even though Central Texas is filled with  very small cities all over Texas, we still do have socialites, business owners, and need to know people. Someone I believe you most definitely need to know at the top of your list ladies and gentlemen would be the always booked and busy  Carolyn Brown. If you’re not familiar who this woman is she is the owner of the Event center in Harker Heights Texas.

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She absolutely moves like the boss she was born to be! Carolyn has put together so many concerts, so many shows, and so many events at the Event Center that she definitely deserves every one of  her flowers.  There is so many impressive accomplishments about this woman , like her drive and hustle , she is most definitely a go-getter who knows what she wants and she knows how she wants it done with every event that Carolyn Brown conducts.


As a matter fact funny man himself DC young fly, will be coming to her venue to give Central Texas big laughs and a night full of joy. Carolyn Brown is like the godmother of Central Texas nothing really moves without her knowing , and when she makes the move she only makes one type of move in particular, "Boss moves" ! There was plenty of times in Central Texas  where  the city had became depressed and bored during the pandemic, and Carolyn Brown kept Central Texas involved and entertained. Central Texas truly appreciates all of the entertainment and events you have conducted for us!

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