I hope you wore your green today, because it's St. Patrick's Day! Otherwise you might get pinched.


Happy St. Patrick's Day, but since we like to abbreviate everything,  Happy St. Paddy's Day, or St. Patty's Day...hey, which one is it anyway?

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According to a new survey from YouGov, 49% of Americans go with the T version to represent the Patrick pronunciation.  29% go with the D version - mostly those with Irish heritage, which makes sense. The D version is the original, authentic Irish abbreviation.

The patron saint of Ireland is St. Padraig, which has a D in the name.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated throughout the U.S. Chicago even dyes its river green. Lots of breweries, bars, and restaurants will mark the day with green beer and traditional Irish fare.

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Several banks made stimulus money available today for their members, and if you think about it, it's kind of like finding a pot of gold at the end of the pandemic rainbow.


Here's a fun fact:  according to Zippa4.9 million people call Ireland home, 32 million Americans identify as Irish, which means America is home to more Irish Americans than Ireland is home to Irish. 

Zippa also released the results of a recent survey that find the states with the most residents of Irish decent. Turns out New Hampshire tops the list. Texas is all the way to 46 out of 50. Perhaps the Irish haven't discovered how great Texas really is yet.

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Most celebrations have been cancelled due to COVID-19. According to FOX News, the C.D.C. even warns against indoor gatherings because you could risk infection.

But if you do still decide to celebrate, here are some ways to do it.

- Only dance a half-jig, so your mask doesn't cause you to pass out from lack of oxygen.
- Learn how to say, "You can't make me wear a mask, this is America," in an Irish brogue.
- Wear a T-shirt that says, "Kiss Me, I Have Antibodies."
- Be sure to do shots of Jameson and not Clorox.
- Wear a plastic visor at all times.  Except when you puke.
- To ensure no one wants to be near you, bring your bagpipes.
- Pinch anyone not wearing green . . . masks.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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